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As therapists, we often are asked what books, links, articles and other resources we recommend to help support people on their healing journeys. Here are some resources we recommend to our therapy clients and to friends — a list which we hope will inspire and support you in your journey to heal and cope with your emotions, to discover your calling and to step more fully into who you were meant to be.
- The therapists at Counseling Associates of MA & NH
Books on Parenting
Books on Trauma
Books on Couples
Books on Mood Disorders
Helpful and Informative Links on Parenting

Positive Parenting -  From back talk to bedtimes. Tantrums to power-struggles. Toddlers to teens. Get the help you need to feel EMPOWERED and PROUD at how you handle anything parenthood throws your way, and raise strong, respectful, considerate, and even HELPFUL children. offers free webinars and helpful articles

The Orange Rhino® "In January 2012, my handyman busted me yelling at my four boys, then ages five and under. Embarrassed I had been caught, disappointed I had become a yelling mom, ashamed because I felt I was the only one of my friends with a “yelling problem,” and most importantly saddened that I had yet again, yelled at boys, I decided enough was enough. The next day, I promised my boys I would go 365 days straight without yelling; I actually went 520 Days straight without yelling! My journey as an Orange Rhino parent continues today and I share my tips, lessons learned and stories here so that you can start your own journey and together we can support each other as we daily take The Orange Rhino Challenge to Yell Less and Love More. "

NASP - National Association of School Psychologists  Helping Children Cope With Changes Resulting From COVID-19.  Families across the country are adapting to the evolving changes in daily life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most schools, places of public gathering, and nonessential businesses are closed, and parents and other caregivers are faced with helping their families adjust to the new normal. This includes trying to keep children occupied, feeling safe, and attempting to keep up with schoolwork as best as possible. None of this easy, but it helps to stay focused on what is possible in order to reinforce a sense of control and to reassure children that they are okay, and that the situation will get better.

Helpful and Informative Links on Postpartum Issues

Postpartum Support International - While many women experience some mild mood changes during or after the birth of a child, 15 to 20% of women experience more significant symptoms of depression or anxiety. Please know that with informed care you can prevent a worsening of these symptoms and can fully recover. There is no reason to continue to suffer. This website has a wide variety of resources for women and their families who struggles with depression, anxiety and other issues after a baby is born.

Helpful and Informative Links if You or Someone You Know is in Crisis

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255 The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a national network of local crisis centers that provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Hotline is committed to improving crisis services and advancing suicide prevention by empowering individuals, advancing professional best practices, and building awareness.

Samaritans of Merrimack Valley 866-912-HOPE (4673)  Family Services’ Samaritans of Merrimack Valley strives to reduce the incidence of suicide in the Merrimack Valley and throughout Massachusetts by providing “befriending” to individuals who are lonely, depressed and contemplating suicide or self-injury. Suicide prevention is one of the primary goals of the Samaritans, although services also include postvention services, trainings and seminars, and support groups. Family Services’ Samaritans provides a free and confidential crisis help line to those who are lonely, despairing, suicidal or need someone to listen. This service is provided by trained volunteers who provide unconditional and non-judgmental “TLC” – talking, listening and caring.

Books on Mindfulness
Helpful and Informative Articles

Understanding Self-Harm - This booklet is for anyone who self-harms, and their friends and family. It explains what self-harm is, the reasons for it and how to go about making changes. It includes self-help ideas and information about other forms of support.

Parenting a Child with ADHD -  While ADHD is believed to be hereditary, effectively managing your child’s symptoms can affect both the severity of the disorder and development of more serious problems over time. Early intervention holds the key to positive outcomes for your child. The earlier you address your child’s problems, the more likely you will be able to prevent school and social failure and associated problems such as underachievement and poor self-esteem that may lead to delinquency or drug and alcohol abuse.

Mental Health Tool kit for Parents and Caregivers of Children & Young Adults - From the time we enter the world we’re connected to the healthcare system, first with a pediatrician and primary care provider.As we grow from infancy to childhood and then adulthood, relationships continue to be formed with primary care doctors. As youngsters we receive inoculations to protect us from various illnesses and diseases. We’re encouraged to schedule routine physicals and “check-ups” and to call upon our “PC” doctor if a prolonged illness or matter arises that threatens our health and well-being. But for most people, there is little or nothing to guide or prepare us for an initial encounter with a mental health professional. We hope this “toolkit” will therefore provide its users with a better understanding and acceptance of mental illness as a “mainstream health issue.”

Simple Breathing Techniques - Paying attention to your breathing is one of the most fundamental ways to relieve anxiety and tension. Here are a couple of simple ways to improve your breathing within the next few minutes.    

New Article - COVID-19
The Secret to Keeping Your Kids Happy, Busy and Learning if Their School Closes Due to Coronavirus.  As millions  of children are displaced from their schools due to the coronavirus, a sub-crisis has risen for American parents: What will the kids do all day? The widespread school closures have sent a ripple effect into parent communities as many scramble to find ways to smoothly transition kids into at-home life. It’s one thing to entertain them all day on the weekends. It’s another when you have seven days a week to fill for an indefinite period of time.

Books on Postpartum
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